Zane Faulhaber

Reverend Slim Jones

Zane Faulhaber is a native Texan who is a life long songwriter and guitarist. Through the years he has performed and recorded as a member of many different bands, playing across the genres of rock, blues, jazz, punk, metal, and noise rock.


Eventually he found himself searching for something that he couldn't find with other groups, in which he had always served primarily as a lead guitarist. It was then that he decided that the time had come to branch out, by delivering his own solo work, in order to satisfy the creative outlets of his mind.


Zane draws upon the many influences of music and life, compiling them into his own unique blend of music that crosses genres. He writes about all aspects of life, reflections on spiritual subjects, universal time and space, psychedelic experiences, questioning of existence, life after life, and the current state in our day-to-day affairs.


"The Strange Angels came to me in a meditation early in the morning one day. Every once in awhile something would wake me up around 3 am and tell me to get up. Deep in thought it came from somewhere higher than myself. A strange angel is one who is connected to their higher and lower self but always one with the source.  Through practice and actions they become their best and alter the world around them. To make one's life better for themselves and for all those around them. By due attention to their use, one will evolve into their strange, bizarre, crazy, beautiful, and eccentric unique Self. Fly the strange flag high, be proud of yourself and all that you are, we are all strange angels from the divine creator." -Zane Faulhaber